Epoxy powder coating is a series of epoxy based powder coating designed to give optimum mechanical properties and exceptional protective qualities on components and fabrications where long term exposure to ultra violet light or exterior weathering is not anticipated
Typical applications are on lab furniture, water/well pumps, certain engine components, children’s’ toys, certain electrical components.

Application Areas:

  • Water Pipes, oil pipes under earth
  • Reinforced rebars
  • Electrically insulating parts

180 °C ~ 200 °C (work piece temperature), 10-15 minutes
8-12 square meters / kg, thickness 60 microns (100% of the powder coating utilization rate)

  • lSupper Matt(<10%), Matt(<30%)
  • lUsually smooth
  • lRAL color, Pantone colorsfull color range is available


  • lSpecific gravity :1.2 ~ 1.8g/cm3 up to colors
  • lParticle size distribution:100% less than 100 microns (depending on the specific indicators art effects may be,  according to the special requirements of painting adjusted)
  • lLevel of liquidity:24 ~ 27 mm

·Polyester powder coating
·Epoxy Polyester Powder coating
·Acrylic Powder Coating
·Polyurethane powder coating
Outside carton lined with two layers of polyethylene bags, each containing 20 kg net weight.
Stored in less than 30 °C, ventilated, dry, clean room, not near the fire source, heating, avoid direct sunlight, the product in the transport should be to prevent rain, sun, prolonged sun exposure.Storage products in line with the above conditions, since the date of production, effective storage period is 6 months.Over the storage period may be re-tested and the results were consistent with, can still be used.
Coating powder is a non-toxic products, but should be avoided in the course of inhalation of dust.Proposed operators wear appropriate dust mask, glasses.If possible, try to avoid long-term skin contact with powder coating


Inspection Item Test Standard or Method Test Indicator
Type A Type B,C
Impact resistance ISO6272 GB/T1732-1993 40cm 50cm
Cupping test ISO1520 GB/T9753-1988 5mm 8mm
Adhesion(Planning grid method) ISO2409 GB/T9286-1998 Grade 0
Crook ISO1519 GB/T6742-1986 3mm 2mm
Pencil hardness ASTMD3363 GB/T6739-1996 1H-2H
Salt test ISO7253 GB/T1771-1991 > 500 hours
Heat test ISO6270 GB/T1740-1979 > 1000 hours
Heat resistance 100°C/24 hours (white) Paul Light character (best) :


Remark 1,   The above test use cold-rolled steel(thichness:0.8mm) to remove rust,oil.  Film thickness: 50-70um.

2,   All the indicators of film features will be down lightly depending on reducing of luster.




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