Polyester TGIC-Free


• “Polyester TGIC-Free” is a series of polyester based powder coatings without use of TGIC

•  Specially designed for exterior or interior use

• Offering excellent light and weather resistance from a single coat finish on various substrates

• This series are available in a wide range of colors with different gloss and texture

•  Custom color-matching is available


• excellent UV resistance;

• Good heat resistance;

• TGIC free


• Chemistry: Polyester

• Particle size: Suitable for electrostatic spraying

• Specific gravity: 1.2-1.7g/cm3 up to colors

• Curing schedule(object temp.): 190℃/15-20minutes;200℃/10minutes;

• Storage: Dry ventilation conditions below 30℃

• Shelf life: 12months


Test Item

Test standard and Method

Test index
Impact resistance GB/T 1732 -1993 ISO6272 50kg·cm
Adhension(cross-cut) GB/T 9286 – 1998 ISO2409 Class 0
Flexibility GB/T 6742-1986 ISO1519 2mm
Pencil hardness GB/T 6739-1996 ISO2815 1H-2H
Cupping test GB/T 9753-1988 ISO1520 6mm
Salt spray resistance GB/T 1771-1991 ISO7253 >400 Hours
Heat & humidity resistance GB/T 1740-1979 ISO6270 >500 Hours,film gloss slightly lose
Note: 1. Above test are using 0.30mm thickness degreased, rust removed cold rolling steel plate, film thickness is 60-80um.

2. Film performance may slightly decrease with gloss decrease.