Storage racks

The metal racks, shelves, pallets manufacturers are biggest user in powder coatings.  The powder coatings can decorate and protect the metal finish.  The rack shelves system can appear good and increase serve life through powder coating.





Architecture Construction

Our Powder Coatings are formulated for nearly all areas of architectural construction industry,from windows and doors to amazing facades,verandas, ceilings, railings,

fencing, balustrades and internal compartments.






Home Appliances

Appliance are an essential part of our everyday life. Cookers,freezers,radiators,washing machines, air conditioning, heatings, etc should be as smart in their looks as they are in their functionality.






 Metal Furniture

Around us,individuation,bold thinking and elegant cool designs fill up our life. Furniture need to look magnificent, reflect today’s tastes but also cope with the demands of a long life.






Agricultural Equipment

In the field of agriculture, many construction equipments, such as diggers, tractors, bulldozers take lots of abuse. So the coatings which protect them must be strong and high durable.






Pipeline industry

Compared with other application, pipelines are buried under the ground so that it requires a higher anti-corrosion due to the bad surroundings.  FBE powder is widely use for pipeline because if its outstanding corrosion resistant quality.